wheel-chart-1Your data wants your attention! 

For most organizations today, it's often an overlooked and underutilized business asset. Our goal is to build a practical roadmap to effective and measurable marketing that drives incremental sales results across all channels; offline and digital. 

Our strategic model relies on four "centers of excellence" that are interconnected and work together in real time to create a smarter, more responsive marketing infrastructure that encourages customer engagement and business growth: 

Clean, Smart Data. It all starts with your data. Our discovery process ensures all relevant internal data sources and new external opportunities are identified and integrated into a secure, hosted, analytics-ready environment. This data is then cleaned and enhanced to provide the foundation for insights and activation. 

Insights. Our analysts dig deep to understand your business issues and our scientists immerse themselves in your data to find relevant, compelling insights. We apply advanced segmentation and predictive modeling that reveals valuable, actionable acquisition, growth and retention opportunities that are delivered through our marketing insights platform, mi-LinkSM

Strategy. SIGMA is a strategic partner. We work with you on your terms, in your business environment, to brainstorm, build and establish an innovative, actionable data-driven roadmap focused on both digital and offline channels. We're a part of your team for strategic counsel, technical support or campaign advice whenever you need us. 

Activation. Insights are only valuable if they can be activated through practical marketing and sales efforts that move the needle. We put them to work by leveraging existing or recommended technology – integrating insights into your marketing automation, CRM and campaign tools, web analytics, social listening, data management platforms, and even advertising efforts. Then, it's time to deliver smarter marketing where, when and how your customers, clients and prospects need it most. 

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