So...what does all this shiny new data mean?

That's the million-dollar question that SIGMA can provide an expert, actionable answer to. 

Our analytics framework is broken down into four phases: 

  1. Discover. During our first look at your clean, smart data, our analysts begin with base profiling that reveals the number and types of customers a business has, which are best, and the overall revenue opportunity. 

  2. Enhance. Next, we add knowledge assets and start to segment customers into groups, consider likely actions (buy, leave, engage), and assess current and future value. 

  3. Activate. In this phase we look at both sales and marketing opportunity and consider targeting, channels (digital and offline), lead definition and assignment, conversion gaps and opportunities, and process improvement. 

  4. Measure. Here, we analyze the marketing-to-sales workflow, and evaluate results and learnings. 

There are also four key analytics competencies that support this framework: 











  • Data Mining
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Segmentation
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Visualization
  • Alerts
  • Optimization
  • Forecasting
  • Simulations
  • Testing
  • Web Analytics
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Revenue Attribution

The comprehensive visual result of this approach is our mi-LinkSM insights platform, which delivers a total view of the customer and actionable insights in a way that drives marketing strategy and return on investment. 

With mi-Link, business intelligence is rendered in a real-time, easy-to-use, interactive environment: 

mi-Link creates a robust portrait of your customer base and drives smarter multichannel interaction, providing: 

  • Always-on access to customer intelligence
  • A dashboard that shows changes in your marketing performance and the health of your customer base
  • Easy-to-use graphical analysis of your markets, customers, channels and campaigns
  • Flexible integration with various data sources
  • Fast query, export and reporting capabilities
  • Always-ready data that enables sales and marketing strategy and planning
  • A collaborative tool that allows all marketing contributors to work together seamlessly and efficiently

Start monitoring customer behavior and your marketing efforts as they happen, from one central location. Learn more about mi-Link by scheduling a free demo

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