Which customers should I upsell or cross-sell?

Your organization has several factors that determine what makes a customer valuable, and to find the answers, you'll need to investigate questions surrounding loyalty, customer tenure, risk, frequency, profitability, social influence, and many, many others.

To identify who is a target for growth potential, you need to ask, "Who are my best customers, anyway?" Once you can identify what customers are the most loyal, engaged, and valuable, you can then look for those among your customers who have the best chance of moving into that select group through upselling or cross-selling.

Why Choose SIGMA?

An investment in analytics yields big returns because the customer knowledge gained allows you to make smarter marketing decisions.

SIGMA's analytics expertise identifies which of your customer segments are the most valuable and can create predictive models that show you which customers are the best targets for your "next marketing dollar."

We identify the most important characteristics of your customers and what makes them valuable in terms of loyalty, frequency, customer engagement, behavior, or demographics. Then we help you align your multichannel marketing strategy to target customers poised for growth.

Fast Forward: Growth

Growing CustomersFast Forward: Growth is a customized predictive model that uses your existing customer data to identify segments and customers who are ripe for cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

What Do I Get?
You'll receive a scored customer dataset that allows you to identify the best targets for your marketing and sales programs.

Project Timeline
3-6 weeks

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