How can I streamline my marketing systems to be more successful?

Marketing operations grow and evolve over time in every company. New tools are tacked onto legacy systems, and as priorities change, even more may need to be added to face new challenges.

Making an investment in additional tools or systems or even removing operational processes could be premature moves without fully understanding the data within your organization.

Why Choose SIGMA?

It all starts with data. SIGMA always recommends taking the time to understand your current situation before taking the leap into a costly and time-consuming investment.

A thorough Marketing Technology Assessment highlights opportunities to connect marketing systems, improve data hygiene and possibly eliminate redundant systems. The outcome helps you tackle today's workflow challenges while also getting you prepared for growth in the future.

Fast Forward: Growth

Growing CustomersFast Forward: Growth is a customized predictive model that uses your existing customer data to identify segments and customers who are ripe for cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

What Do I Get?
You'll receive a scored customer dataset that allows you to identify the best targets for your marketing and sales programs.

Project Timeline
3-6 weeks

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