Which of my most valuable customers are at risk of leaving, and how do I keep them?

Since it's often less expensive to keep the customers you already have than to go out and find new customers, fully understanding your company's customer retention situation is extremely beneficial to stop any potential bleeding and drive customer growth.

To begin, companies need to understand what type of customers defect, what causes it, and how big the problem truly is before it can be stopped. Your customer attrition could be related to customer tenure, specific demographics, or even customer service. Or, it could be that customers who leave don't really have the potential to be high-value customers anyway, so the churn is both expected and not entirely bad.

Why Choose SIGMA?

An investment in analytics yields big returns because the knowledge allows you to make smarter marketing decisions.

Analysis focusing on why customers leave, including predictive models that score each customer's likelihood to defect, helps your company understand which customers might take their business elsewhere and how you need to intervene to keep customers happy.

Fast Forward: Growth

Fast Forward: Retention is a customized retention model that uses your existing customer data to identify conditions that are most associated with losing customers.

What Do I Get?
You'll receive a customer file with scores that indicate risk levels and identify customers who may be decreasing in value or leaving your business, as well as key conditions that drive that risk level.

Project Timeline
3-6 weeks

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