How can I improve the ROI of my acquisition programs and campaign tools?

Campaign tools are usually terrific delivery engines. Most of them can help you design flexible and robust campaigns, but they aren't made to manage the data they're fed.

Unfortunately, those tools are on the front line of the customer experience, so if you're feeding poor data into your campaign execution or CRM tools, that's what you're displaying to your most valuable customers.

Why Choose SIGMA?

There are lots of fantastic CRM and campaign execution tools on the market today, but if they aren't fed the right data at the right times, then you'll never get the ROI you hoped for when you bought it.

It all starts with data. SIGMA's expertise in cleaning, managing, and enhancing data from all corners of your organization helps you get the value you expect from that investment in campaign tools.

With the data cleaned up and integrated from customer-facing systems, lead management tools, and everywhere in between, you can send your campaign tool the optimal data feeds that boost your ROI by layering in the customer intelligence gained from improved analytics.

Fast Forward: Acquisition

Fishing for ProspectsFast Forward: Acquisition is a customized, customer acquisition look-alike model that identifies your best prospects for campaigns or targeting lists.

What Do I Get?
You'll receive a scored prospect dataset that allows you to identify and prioritize your best targets for your marketing and sales programs.

Project Timeline
3-6 weeks

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