Who are my most valuable customers, and how do I get more like them?

Asking "Who are my customers, anyway?" is usually the first question to ask, and your customer data is the best place to start looking for the answers.

Chances are, your organization is aware of several factors that determine what makes a customer valuable, and to find the answers, you'll need to investigate questions surrounding loyalty, customer tenure, risk, frequency, profitability, social influence, and many, many others.

Why Choose SIGMA?

An investment in analytics yields big returns because the customer knowledge gained allows you to make smarter marketing decisions.

SIGMA's expertise is in pulling the hidden customer insights out of your data to find the factors that add up to customer value. We can identify the most important characteristics of your customers, pinpoint what makes them tick, and find the potential customers most likely to behave just like your best customers.

Fast Forward: Acquisition

Fishing for ProspectsFast Forward: Acquisition is a customized, customer acquisition look-alike model that identifies your best prospects for campaigns or targeting lists.

What Do I Get?
You'll receive a scored prospect dataset that allows you to identify and prioritize your best targets for your marketing and sales programs.

Project Timeline
3-6 weeks

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