How do I get the data I need to increase customer engagement?

Companies usually have no shortage of data… it's just scattered in so many places across the organization and in so many formats that it isn't usable.

The place to begin – whether the goal is increasing customer engagement, known whom to upsell, or to identifying potential audiences for new products of services – is by understanding what data you already have.

A comprehensive view of your marketing data lets you bring it all together into one spot, makes it all smarter and more actionable, and identifies gaps where valuable data might be missing or locked in other systems.

Why Choose SIGMA?

Before you start buying expensive data licenses or campaign engines, take the time to understand your current situation.

SIGMA's Marketing Technology Assessments highlight the areas for better data integration, opportunities to connect marketing systems, and gaps where your data can be improved with third-party sources or internal sources, such as campaign response or web analytics data.

A thorough assessment of the data in your organization and the processes that make everything run (or not!) helps you shore up trouble spots, identify priorities, and gives you an affordable place to start quickly improving customer engagement.

Fast Forward: Growth

Growing CustomersFast Forward: Growth is a customized predictive model that uses your existing customer data to identify segments and customers who are ripe for cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

What Do I Get?
You'll receive a scored customer dataset that allows you to identify the best targets for your marketing and sales programs.

Project Timeline
3-6 weeks

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