Strategic Marketing Assessments

Fast Forward: Growth

If you are struggling with developing a clear vision for a successful multichannel database marketing strategy, a Fast Forward Marketing Assessment will help you get started quickly.

SIGMA Marketing Assessments guide you through the process of creating a data-driven strategy with technologies and best practices that provide the framework for your marketing programs.

  • Identify processes to streamline marketing operations and save money.
  • Pinpoint areas where marketing analytics adds value by maximizing ROI.
  • Understand the data management infrastructure that support your marketing strategy's success.

How Can It Help Me?
Prioritized recommendations for your next marketing steps lead you to confident execution, improved engagement with current customers and prospects, and marketing investments that deliver results.

What Do I Get?
A multi-component "roadmap" that will detail and prioritize practical steps for moving forward. You'll learn where you need to go with your marketing, and the smartest way to get there.

Project Timeline
3-6 weeks

Why Choose SIGMA?

It's common for marketing teams to see the roadblocks that hinder their marketing strategies but to not know how to start fixing them.

Through in-depth, fact-finding interviews with your company's marketers, IT managers, and systems experts, SIGMA Marketing Assessments give you the unvarnished truth of your current situation and the steps your company needs to take for your marketing plans to succeed in terms of technology, strategy, process, budget, skills, and people.

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