Data & Technology Integration

mi-LinkSuccess in database marketing requires a marriage of technology, analytical and marketing expertise. The most successful marketing technology implementations combine flexible tools that match the skills, plans, and budgets of the marketers who use them.

But it all starts with data.

A company's data is often stored in different departments, divisions, or even sites throughout an enterprise, and pulling it into a centralized marketing data warehouse with business intelligence that helps you make strategically informed decisions is the cornerstone of successful marketing.

mi-LinkSM Provides the Missing Link

mi-LinkSIGMA's mi-LinkSM brings together best-in-class marketing tools and technology and integrates them to meet our clients' needs for customer intelligence and multichannel marketing.

  • A cloud-based engine that unifies, cleans, consolidates and appends your data.
  • A personal portal providing real-time customer intelligence to fuel your marketing programs.
  • A solution built to easily interface with your existing CRM, sales force automation or campaign management tools.
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Why Choose SIGMA?

Customer data management is the foundation of our client relationships. It's clearly not the sexiest thing in the world, but nothing else can be accomplished without intelligent data management processes.

SIGMA's best-in-breed tools and a generation of proprietary techniques turn your data into an information powerhouse that can automate marketing processes, from data hygiene to multi-channel messaging and campaign management.

Data and Technology Integration Case Studies

Multichannel Lead Management and Measurement Solutions
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An international document destruction company with an independent sales force and franchises needed an accurate way to measure the ROI of its marketing campaign.

SIGMA's solution generated a 314% ROI in its first year with a closed-loop sales process, segmented campaigns, and an online lead management tool used by the field sales force that allowed the client to determine the source of a lead for the first time and follow that lead through to conversion.

Distributed Marketing Solutions
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Our client needed a simple desktop solution to manage a large quantity of small-run, variable print direct mail that needed unique branding and offers.

SIGMA's solution gave them a complete print-on-demand system with no waste on print overruns or unused printed inventory plus centralized control of assets and users.

Intelligent Sales Enablement Tools
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A worldwide manufacturer needed up-to-date, strategically ranked territory information accessible for its expanding field sales organization.

SIGMA's solution leveraged acquisition, cross-sell, and retention analysis into a personalized, web-based sales "playbook" that identified qualified leads and combined them with winning sales strategies. The Playbook reduced the learning curve of new sales representatives, and new customer growth increased 300% in the first year.

Optimizing Triggered Communications
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A Fortune 500 business needed to lower the outstanding accounts receivable in its collection division and reduce the average days of sales outstanding.

SIGMA's solution was called "the most successful company program ever" by a senior manager for reducing the days outstanding by 10 days with an easy-to-use business intelligence tool that produced triggered, customized messages to field sales reps and customers.

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