Customer Retention Strategies

Companies that keep their customers share one common advantage — the ability to actively anticipate their needs.

Fast Forward: Growth

Fast Forward: Retention is a customized retention model that uses your existing customer data to identify conditions that are most associated with losing customers.

What Do I Get?
You'll receive a customer file with scores that indicate risk levels and identify customers who may be decreasing in value or leaving your business, as well as key conditions that drive that risk level.

Project Timeline
3-6 weeks

Which of my most valuable customers are at risk of leaving, and how do I keep them?

Companies need to understand what type of customers defect, what causes it, and how big the problem truly is before it can be stopped, because it's often less expensive to keep the customers you already have than to go out and find new customers. Keep Reading...

Is the quality of my marketing data costing me customers?

Connecting all your marketing data and cleaning it up yields business intelligence that lets you make strategically informed decisions about customer retention and customer value. Keep Reading...

How can I get control over my data so that I can measure retention?

Company data is often stored in different departments, divisions, or even sites throughout an organization. Getting control of your data so that you can accurately measure anything demands a company-wide evolution. Keep Reading...

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