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Affinity Marketing is impactful and measurable, but is your organization ready for an Affinity Marketing strategy?

It's common for marketing teams to see the roadblocks that hinder their marketing strategies, while not knowing how to start fixing them. SIGMA can perform an Affinity Marketing Readiness Assessment which will guide you through creating a database-driven strategy with technologies and best practices to drive your programs.

A comprehensive Affinity Marketing Assessment becomes the "roadmap," giving you practical steps for moving forward, from finding partners to designing campaigns.

Why Choose SIGMA?

SIGMA measures the success of its clients' Affinity Marketing campaigns in six performance categories with prioritized recommendations that deliver results:

  1. 1. Partner Lead Generation
  2. 2. Member Campaign Targeting and Measurement
  3. 3. Data Management
  4. 4. Messaging
  5. 5. Campaign Management
  6. 6. Services to Affinity Partners

Six Steps to Affinity Marketing Success
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Five Proven Ways to Improve Affinity Marketing Results
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Affinity Marketing Case Studies

Acquisition through Affinity Marketing
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A major player in the property and casualty insurance industry partnered with SIGMA to bring analytical strategy and marketing technology best practices to their Affinity Marketing Program.

SIGMA's solution dropped the client's cost per policy 50% through the use of selective targeting and mail optimization.

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