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Do More With Your Data. 

We love data. We use it to help your customers love you. 

Imagine having the ability to reach your audience with relevant messaging where and when it's needed most. Then, picture yourself viewing real-time, actionable analytics and business intelligence around campaign performance and audience behavior in a format that's easy to understand and customize, from any location. 

At SIGMA Marketing Insights, we make it all possible. We're a boutique marketing services firm obsessed with the customer experience, and driven to turn data into a powerful tool that will deliver more relevant, personalized interaction and engagement across all channels. Let us transform your business today.



Optimized data is a growth engine. We create a 360o view of your audience through sophisticated data hygiene enhanced by advanced analytics.



We'll dive deep into your data to uncover audience behaviors, prospecting opportunities and key customer segments that will drive digital and offline engagement and revenue for your business.


Our hosted data platform and insights engine (mi-LinkSM) delivers real-time, custom dashboard and business intelligence capabilities to your marketing and sales team.



Smarter data-driven, multichannel digital and offline execution backed by end-to-end strategy and support connects marketing insights to your customer experience and delivers return on investment.

The mi-LinkSM Insights Platform

Ready for smarter marketing? Harness the power of cross-channel insights from a single location. Visualize your customer, prospect and sales data using mi-Link – SIGMA's marketing intelligence platform. 

Use deep insights to make data-driven decisions with mi-Link:

  • A highly configurable data platform that cleans, consolidates, and appends your customer and prospect data from across all channels

  • Provides real-time customer intelligence that can immediately be applied to your marketing and sales efforts

  • Easily integrates with your CRM, marketing automation platform, email marketing software, and other campaign management tools

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